Resources- Graphic Organizer


****--This link directs you to the Home page where you can create an account.

__**LearningWeb2 Tutorial**__--This link opens up to another window and gives a tutorial on how to use

This video is a tutorial with audio instructions for setting up and using

**Webspiration**--This link is the Sign up page for Webspiration.

**Webspiration Tutorial**--This link is the "Getting Started" page tutorial.

This YouTube video is a tutorial with audio nararration.

**Mind42**--This link is the sign up page.

**Mind42 Video Tutorial and Information**--This link offers a tutorial with 2 different accesses to video tutorials. First one can be found by clicking on Mind42: Introduction, and the second can be found by scrolling down to the bottom and clicking on the play arrow. (This is a video tutorial with out audio.)